Art & Civics

1:10-2:15pm, 3rd Floor

Good art is about more than an expression of thought. Good art intertwines itself with the needs of the community.

In this panel session, attendees will hear from community members who spend just as much time collaborating and facilitating the creation of art as they do creating it themselves.

Musa Bailey.jpeg


Musa is an innovator, tastemaker, and connoisseur of the arts. Whether expanding the common theme between music and fashion through sneakers or displaying the magic of selection through audience understanding, Musa covers all aspects of intentional art. 


Lisa Gedgaudas, Denver arts and venues

As Program Director for Create Denver, Lisa is in tune with Denver's creative world. As an artist herself in an administrative role, she uses her position to lend powerful support to other artists, making her the perfect example of artistic civics in action.


Dan Landes is a published author and founder of the two best-known vegetarian restaurants in Denver. But never satisfied with promoting only his own work, Dan is a consummate connector of artists and creatives of all kinds. 

Evan Weissman.jpg

Evan Weissman, Warm Cookies of the Revolution

Evan Weissman is the founding executive director of Warm Cookies of the Revolution, the world's first Civic Health Club. He was a member of the award-winning Buntport Theater Company for over 12 years, as playwright, director, designer, and actor. He also teaches courses on nonviolence at The Colorado College.

Chris Zacher, Levitt Pavilion Denver

Chris is a social entrepreneur and champion live music that is accessible for all. He is credited with the sustainability and overwhelming popularity of City Park Jazz, serving as Vice President and President from 2006 - 2014. Since 2012, he’s led Denver’s effort to create the new Levitt Pavilion Denver amphitheater in Ruby Hill Park, a civil engagement project which will open in 2017 providing open and free access to live music performances for all Coloradans.