Art & Entrepreneurship

2:25-3:30pm, 3rd floor

Artistic creativity is, in and of itself, an entrepreneurial endeavor.

In this panel session, attendees will interact with local creators who take passion for unique and inspiring art to an entirely new level. 

Ru Johnson.jpg

Ru Johnson, Roux Black

Ru Johnson is a writer, consultant and founder of creative idea firm Roux Black. She specializes in content management, branding and campaign development for people, places and things that want to engage their consumer market. Her specialty is show production, event marketing and development of brands in their early stages, providing insight and idea formation around expansion. 

Charlie LaGreca.png

Charlie La Greca, Denver Comic Con & DINK

Charlie La Greca has spent the last two decades as a creator, organizer, producer, cartoonist, and artistic entrepreneur. He has worked professionally in the illustration and comics industry for 17 years and can be seen in comics, magazines, newspapers, TV, digital media, ad campaigns, branding, corporate meetings, and live performances around the world. 

Bianca Mikahn, Youth on  Record

Bianca Mikahn is an artivist educator lyricist and healer utilizing lyricism and poetry to advance themes of wellness in community settings. As coordinator of arts-based mental wellness program Check Your Head, Partner Artist with Youth on Record and recent recipient of Westword’s “100 Colorado Creatives”, Mikahn’s imaginative facilitation approach and dynamic musical presence impacts multi-generational audiences encouraging introspection connection and rejuvenation.

Jim Norris.jpg

Jim Norris, Mutiny Information Café

Jim Norris first owned his own construction company before moving into promoting live music and nightclubs in Denver, Colorado. He is now a South Broadway staple, having opened both 3 Kings Tavern and Mutiny Information Café, an independent bookstore/comic book store/record shop devoted to well made coffee and bringing people with diverse interests and backgrounds together in a common forum of art, literature and music. 

Brandi Shigley.jpeg


Brandi Shigley’s passion is turning dreamers into doers. This includes turning her own dreams into doings. She is the founder of Fashion Denver and has been an entrepreneur since 1999, blending consulting, small business development, event production and emceeing. When she’s not at her little office located in Green Spaces, you can find her rollerskating, adventurizing, making music, playing in the water, riding her bicycle and causing random shenanigans all over Colorado and beyond.