Live Creative Exhibits

All Day, All Around

Seeing is believing.

Some of Denver's most accomplished artists will engage in live demonstrations in and out of McNichols Civic Center Building.

Gemma Danielle

Gemma Danielle is an artist and certified Usui Reiki instructor. Her work is a medium for the healing energies of Reiki, exploring the effects of intention in creation. She often references the ancient meditation tool of the mandala as a conductor and generator of this energy, repeating silent prayers, or mantras, as she weaves intricate webs of straight lines. She claims these pieces exist in multiple dimensions and can elicit an involuntary emotional response. Gemma also offers healing sessions, sound therapies, and plant medicine ceremonies as creative experiences and personal empowerments. 

Jolt, Guerilla Garden

Jolt is a graffiti writer, fine artist, muralist, and curator with over twenty years of experience creating public art, commercial murals, live art performance and curating events around art. With experience in hosting radio, creative consulting and public speaking. The work of very few artists is as visible throughout Denver as Jolt's. He is a leader in the Denver art community, an activist, and someone the city of Denver now commissions to create jaw-dropping works like the 5,000-square-foot, eight-story-tall "La Alma de la Mariposa" on the apartment complex just north of the 10th and Osage Light Rail station.

Patrick McGirr, Cabal

Stay tuned.

Patrick Kane McGregor

Patrick Kane McGregor is an artist native to Denver that spent the last 25 years learning every aspect of the art of hand-painting advertisements on the sides of buildings and skyscrapers while dabbling in graffiti. His art is a mix of these two styles creating everything from big portraits and photo realism to large scale wall scape murals and lettering/signage.

Robin Munro, Colorado Crush

Robin Munro is a local Colorado artist and founder of Crush. Building a platform for local and international artist to work together has been one of his life time goals. Bridging gaps in the art world, he finds most joy when collaborating with new people.