Art & Technology

4:55-6:00pm, 3rd floor

Technology, like art, is ever changing. 

In this panel, attendees will hear from creators who creatively leverage the power of technology to reach new audiences.

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Dave Ashton, KGNU

Dave Ashton, KGNU’s Denver Program Manager grew up in Denver and started hosting a Hip­Hop show during college. In 2005, Dave joined KGNU as a late night DJ and outreach volunteer. He has served as Program Manager since 2008 and has trained hundreds of volunteers and DJ’s who help run the station today.

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Brandon Carter

When Brandon Carter was just 17, he hosted KGNU’s Sunday night hip-hop show, Eclipse, a collaborative effort to promote local DJs, MCs, and music from around the country. He has since gone on to work with music and film with some of the top production houses in Colorado and the world. 



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Ron Doyle, THE narrators

Ron S. Doyle is the co-host of The Narrators Denver, technical manager for High Plains Comedy Festival, and creative director for Waterday Media. He is also the former Director of Studies at Boulder Preparatory High School where he taught numerous interdisciplinary, art-centered courses, merging topics like civics and film studies or watercolor painting and biology. 

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Conrad Kehn is a composer, performer, educator and arts administrator. He is the founding Director of The Playground, a chamber ensemble dedicated to modern music. An award winning composer, Conrad's genre-crossing output includes traditional and contemporary chamber music, experimental and multi-media works, and popular music. 

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Tony Shawcross developed and launched the visionary model for community media that has evolved into the Open Media Foundation. Before founding OMF, Tony worked with Little Voice Productions, the Colorado State House of Representatives, the Pan African Arts Society and FreeSpeech TV, among others.