Currently, Denver cannabis dispensaries must close at 7pm, while our surrounding municipalities stay open until 10pm or later. Because of this, the City of Denver is losing out on thousands of hours of employee wages each week and millions of dollars in sales tax revenue each year, for no sensible reason. 

We’ve also created a conundrum by allowing tens of thousands of people to come to our fine city and purchase cannabis, but not providing them a safe and legal place to consume it. Through the first three quarters of 2014 police wrote 668 tickets, compared to just 117 for the same period the year before, a 471 percent increase. Whether it is the creation of cannabis cafes, or use-licenses for existing bars and venues, we need to tackle this quickly as arrests for public use are exponentially increasing on a daily basis. This would undoubtedly also create thousands of jobs and additional revenue for our city, which can go toward the progress of the other initiatives I have listed here. 

As founder and owner of the oldest cannabis dispensary in Denver, I know how to tackle this issue responsibly and with the best interests of all stakeholders in mind.