Writer's Talk Q&A

1:10-2:15pm, 2nd Floor

Writers are malleable creatures.

In this session, speakers will discuss how their initial pursuits in writing created their professional opportunities today.

Laura Bond, Laura Bond, Ink.

A former editor and staff writer with Westword, Laura Bond has written for Rolling Stone, USAA and Spin, among others. She was the 2012 recipient of the Alice Maxine Bowie Fellowship for Fiction from Lighthouse Writers Workshop, where she currently teaches in the Young Writers Program. Laura is the principal of Laura Bond, Ink., a communications strategy firm that serves nonprofit organizations including The Denver Foundation. She covers arts, culture and the creative economy for Confluence Denver. Laura performs with The Narrators whenever she feels brave enough.

Jake Browne, The Cannabist

Jake Browne is the host of the comedy game show Uncalled Four as well as the Whiskey and Cigarettes podcast and is a co-founder of the The Grow Off. Jake was the first nationally recognized marijuana critic and has been reviewing marijuana for the Denver post since December of 2014.

Musa Bailey.jpeg

Josiah Hesse, Suspect press

Josiah Hesse is a Denver based author and journalist whose work has appeared in VICE, The Guardian, Politico, Westword, The Denver Post, and others. As a journalist, Hesse covers marijuana, science, the arts, politics, crime, and pop-culture. He is also editor in chief of the literature quarterly, Suspect Press and recently released his debut novel "Carnality: Dancing On Red Lake."


Krista Kafer, Denver Post, 710 knus

Krista Kafer is the co-host of Kelley and Kafer on 710 KNUS. She is also aDenver Post columnist, the co-host of “Head On” on Denver’s Channel 12, and a faculty member at Colorado Christian University where she teaches communication. Krista served as the senior expert on education policy at the Heritage Foundation and worked for two members of Congress in Washington D.C. She is a senior fellow with the Independence Institute and the Centennial Institute and an instructor with Engage to Win.